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Reasons and solutions for leakage of graphite heat exchanger

With the rapid improvement of production levels, more and more new materials begin to appear in our production.
16 2021/06

Pay attention to these when using graphite heat exchanger

Precautions for the use of graphite heat exchangers: It is strictly forbidden to operate over temperature and pressure during use to avoid sudden changes in temperature and pressure.
03 2021/06

Use of graphite heat exchanger

Before opening, please clean up the debris in the process tube of the graphite heat exchanger to prevent blockage of the graphite holes.
16 2021/05

What are the advantages of graphite absorbers?

The graphite absorber itself is a kind of graphite equipment, which is very popular in the industry because the equipment product has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
14 2021/05

Main structure and principle of graphite tower

Graphite tower is a tower equipment for gas-liquid or liquid-liquid mass transfer made of graphite material as the base material.
26 2021/04

Boldly test new materials and open a new door to the graphene industry

What is graphene? Ordinary citizens may be at a loss as to this question. But there is a Liuyang native who has been with this new material for six years.
29 2019/03
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