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Business philosophy: To produce products satisfactory to customers’ needs for mutual benefits.

Enterprise management: Human-centric and scientific management.

Quality policy: To diligently produce quality products based on improved management and branding to meet customers’ needs and achieve sustainable development.

We are intensifying our efforts to build an efficient team to establish a well-recognized corporate image, and attach importance to harmonious labor relations according to our "people-oriented" philosophy in corporate management. With a good mechanism for all types of talents to exert their expertise, we develop all our businesses based on seeking, developing and using outstanding talents and respect knowledge and talents by retaining talents with promising career ladder, well-established system and human-centric management. Our trade union is committed to cultural development by strengthening employment training and setting up employee club to systematically enrich the employees’ cultural life by a variety of social networking events among the employees so that the employees can work diligently for innovation and better interpersonal relations to establish a business vibe of unity, progress and dedication.


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