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Nantong Best Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint-stock company founded by senior experts in China’s chemical industry and graphite manufacturing industry, specializes in R&D and production as well as maintenance of a variety of chemical process equipment based on graphite.

Our product portfolio includes a variety of graphite equipment in compliance with the standards of China's former Ministry of Chemical Industry and internationally advanced high-performance graphite equipment. The product structure mainly includes round block type, tube type, rectangular block type graphite heat exchanger, falling film absorber, hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace, hydrochloric acid desorber and the like, which are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, electronics, food, environmental protection and other fields.

In order to deliver products satisfactory to our standards and users’ requirements, we make domestically-advanced and more cost-effective products by high-quality chemical-specific graphite blocks and export-grade fine-grained blocks as raw materials and the most advanced impregnation equipment and technology in China based on the high-tech talents in the anti-corrosion field and the professional experience accumulated over the years, in addition to perfect pre-sales and after-sales service and scientific and rigorous quality management system.

Nantong Best Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd. will serve customers with world-class production equipment, technology and know-how, advanced management and quality assurance system and extensive marketing experience.

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